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News placeholder With Quincy & Andrae Crouch

L-R: Quincy Jones Andrae Crouch &Atle Bakken

In the studio in Oslo.

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News placeholderWith Andy in Mexico

L-R: Andy Summers, Atle Bakken

With Zawinul in Hollywood

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With Wojciech Kilar

the nr. 1 Polish composer who wrote music to "the Pianist"by Roman Polanski

At the Polish Radio Gala dinner

Ritz Carlton, Cannes, January 2004

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News placeholder L-R: Atle, Lasse Halstøm & Lena Olin

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Beverly Hills, Ca.

At The Oscar's

At the Norwegian Oscar Party honoring Oscar nominee "Elling

(Best foreign film)

L-R: Atle Bakken, Tim Truman, Norwegian Consul Janne Julsrud & ALEX

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News placeholder With Count Adam & Countess Hania

Oscar Party at the Swedish Counsulate,

Los Angeles, hosted by

Consul(s) Anders & Anita Ekman,

honring Swedish Director and Oscar nominee Lasse Hallstøm,

With Evander Holyfield

With mr. "Real Deal" Evander Holyfield at MIDEM
( who's ear was very well "carved" by Mike Tyson some years ago.)

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Oldie Ingulf.

These days we are making an album with Atle's Great Grandfather,

Ingulf Bakken, who died before Atle was born. He was one of the

last in Norway doing religious folk songs the "old" way. A lot of the

original recordings from 1950's still sound excellent. And Ingulf's style and performance is definitively unique.

check it out closer

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